Our Destination Yachts Journey

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Arriving at our Destination (Yacht)  – Grant and Kim Sutherlin


Our Story – Grant and Kim Sutherlin

It was about a year ago that we decided it was time to build a new Friendly black labs on a runabouthouseboat on Lake Cumberland. We had spent several memory-filled summers at the family lake house in picturesque Lily Creek, but the call of living life on the water grew stronger every year. Having owned (and sold) houseboats in the past, we set off down the traditional path of meeting with the established houseboat manufacturers in Kentucky to build our dream. While they all made a boat that was quality enough, we were surprised to learn that things had changed very little over the years. Same floorplans. Same options. Same engines and fuel burn. We had hoped for an experience that was fresh and innovative. What we found instead was more of the way it has always been. There had to be something better.

We set out on a journey to find a houseboat builder with a truly innovative spirit. We had heard of some forward-thinking developers out west who were creating beautiful yacht-like designs for boaters on Lake Powell. Encouraged, we packedTaking a trip out west up the kids and headed to Arizona to meet these influencers for ourselves. While their operation was impressively state of the art, we found their production schedule to be more vision than it was a reality. Completion dates of the boats in production were at least 24 to 36 months out, and few of their concepts were more than just beautiful CAD drawings. We also found the seven-figure price tag and six-figure delivery fee to be cost-prohibitive. We needed a different option.

Sheldon Graber of Destination Yachts in Washington, Indiana was also building a forward-thinking houseboat for the Lake Powell boating community. His fuel-efficient twin hull boat with a sleek design and twice the speed of a traditional houseboat was more than a concept. He had satisfied customers to prove it. We liked the idea of a fast and efficient boat. Our lake life experience has always involved traveling to a different cove each weekend. Intrigued, we made the trip to Destination Yacht’s Washington operation. We were impressed with the quality of work from the Amish craftsman in his factory and with the fact that his family-owned business has been thriving for more than 20 years.

We began the build of a new 20 X 93 custom Q-series boat. We were so impressed with the process and craftsmanship of Sheldon’s team that we started discussing partnership opportunities. In other words, we liked being a Destination Yachts customer so much, we decided to become the exclusive dealer of Destination Yachts on Lake Cumberland.

We are excited to share the “Destination” at the end of our houseboat journey with you. Our Q-series houseboat will be delivered to Safe Harbor Jamestown
Twin hull construction

Marina in June. We invite you to schedule a tour of our boat and imagine what Destination Yachts could build for you. You can also start your journey by inquiring about any one of the new houseboat floor plans available on our website. Be sure to mention if you have a boat to list/trade, or if you would like information on specialized financing through Community Trust Bank.


Here’s to loving life on the lake!